Hal Schrenk's music career began one Halloween when he was discovered banging out a groove with two bic pens on a couple of plastic pumpkins... it wasn't long before his parents enrolled him in the snare drum corps of the local marching band. He garnered attention at the age of eight, winning several drumming awards, including most promising percussionist. His first professional gig was at the age of ten in a Canadian band competition which earned him a trip to Disneyland. Since then Schrenk has established a reputation as a versatile studio musician and producer, appearing on over one hundred drum and percussion tracks. He has also recorded many household items for rhythm, including Black & Decker drills, washing machines, rakes, vacuum hoses, cigarette lighters and the ever-popular iron shovel. An experienced composer, Schrenk has won numerous awards for music featured in film and commercials, including the television series “Party of Five”, “Time of your Life” and “Renegade Press”. His film credits include music for the movie “Apple Jack” and the feature film “Talker” (which won several national and international awards). Festival performances include Lilith Fair, JUNOfest, the Western Canadian Music Awards, Canadian Country Music Week Festival, the Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, and World EXPO (Shanghai, China) with televised and radio performances too numerous to mention. He has also been featured in several music magazines including "Drums Etc" and his school lecture series “Big Bang International” has received rave reviews as well as his workshops with other profile drummers (such as Mitch Dorge). His award cabinet includes a Juno, a Western Canadian Music Award, six SCMA awards (Drummer of the year) and a Showcase Film & Video Award. In 2014 Schrenk was one of the top ten muscians nominated for the Canadian Country Music Association’s "Drummer of the Year" award. Recently Hal has acted as Musical Director for multiple televised award shows as well as performing with several 75 piece symphonies. He is currently performing with Codie Prevost (Country Rock), Crystal Shawanda (Blues), Jeffery Straker (Piano Pop), Carrie Catherine (Roots, Americana), the Buzzardline (Dirty Delta Blues), Rosie & the Riveters (Vintage 1940s), Karrnnel (Electric Fiddle), Bruin (Country Pop), Aaron Adair (Motown/ Neo-Soul), Amanda Hagel (Country), Sonia Reid Noble (Gospel Blues), Lisa Moen (Country) and Vultures (Funk). * “Hal Schrenk seems to have an almost pathological urge to push himself to the absolute limit of his abilities, creating an atmosphere of palpable tension that is simultaneously mesmerising, and just a little scary.”


* Brad Gilbey / Drums Etc. Magazine



Photographer: Black Fly © 2010

Musician: Hal Schrenk

Location: Big Bang Studios

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